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About The Underdogs Fitness Center

Getting fit should be a lifestyle and a journey rather than a destination. That’s why we make our fitness programmes easy to fit into your already busy lives.

Develop A Fitter, Stronger & Leaner You

We are very different at The Underdogs – we offer strength and conditioning programmes for people of all levels, as we believe that every person starts as an underdog.

Our programmes aim to improve your athletic performance, body-awareness and physical appearance. If you are new to the gym, our beginner classes allow you to master the basic moves and you can progress to higher levels later on.

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Achieve Exceptional Results In A Highly Motivating Environment

When you’re a member at The Underdogs, you’ll discover that what we have to offer is more than just a gym.

We’re a fitness community where you can find new ways to improve your physical and mental wellbeing. Our community is second-to-none, offering a personal and supportive environment that simply can’t be found elsewhere.

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Explore Our Membership Options

We are proud of our growing community. We offer a variety of gym memberships to complement different lifestyles and fitness goals.