1 Month – RM280/Month
3 Months – RM230/Month
6 Months – RM220/Month
*Membership for 3 months and above are required to pay full upfront payment depending on the package.






Do I need prior experience to take classes?

No. New members participate in our “Fundamental Course” and then transition into our regular scheduled classes. What functional fitness means is that all exercises are based on movements that you already do–like squatting, pushing and pulling. Exercises are scaled to inspire the beginner and challenge the most elite athlete.

Do I have to be in shape to join the classes?

Absolutely not. Really. Our classes are catered for everyone. Sure, we say that we are “forging elite fitness” and we are. This means that you start the journey where you are today. And, if you stay on our path it’s likely that you will get in to the best physical, emotional and mental shape of your life.

Our community is comprised of competitive athletes, former athletes, working professionals, people that had never stepped foot into a gym and people with physical ailments. Allow us to get you into the best shape of your life.

What is the On Ramp: Foundation Course? Why do I need to do this?

The On-Ramp: Foundation Course is essentially the fundamental course for the basic movements used in our classes. This is required to teach new athletes to perform the movements safely and with correct form. It is entirely for your benefit to ensure you are confident and safe when doing the movements in a workout.

How are the classes structured?

Each class starts with a warm-up, followed by skill or strength training, and finally instructions and movement standards for the WOD (workout of the day). Our community class is designed for universal scaleability and anyone can participate.

Why choose us over a regular gym?

Regular gyms or “globo-gyms“ are generally a lonely, non-interactive experience. Our gym is all about the community, where you are joined by like-minded people who want to be and feel better. Your fellow athletes will all know you by name and you will challenge and support each other on your fitness journey. This keeps motivation high and makes the entire fitness experience fun.

In addition, we will have qualified coaches to coach you through every class. Our coaches will scale and adjust the workout to your own abilities which will allow you to complete the work safely.

Why are we more expensive?

Our gym is more expensive than a traditional gym because of the small group classes and the personal instruction you get from your coach. Our classes typically have between 5 and 12 athletes. This gives you the benefit of working with a group of like-minded athletes, gaining strength and energy from the power of a group class, while also allowing our coaches to give individual instruction when appropriate. It is group personal training at a fraction of the cost.

Furthermore, we also take the guess work out of your programming. You will come in every day and know exactly what you are working on and you will get instruction on how to do it. Plus you will also be part of an amazing community!

I've heard of people getting hurt doing high intensity strength and conditioning workouts, is that true?

Any athletic activity comes with risk. Performing movements with improper form or using weights that are too heavy can be dangerous, yes. This is why your coaches will assist you in learning proper movement, in scaling to your ability and in making sure that you don’t do too much too soon. Working out always comes with small risk, but spending your life on the couch, being sedentary and eating poorly comes with a much greater risk.

How do I get started?

Just drop us an email, we will set up a time for you to come in for a free trial and let you decide from there. It’s that simple!